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Monday, February 22, 2010

Secrets To Having a Successful Life!

Lesson 2 - Secrets To Having a Successful Life!

Did you realize that you there is a good chance that you might be living a life of codependency? Discover the four area's you need to have a good grasp in in order to have a good foundation and side step codependency.
  1. Identity - I AM
  2. Sufficiency - I HAVE
  3. Ability - I CAN
  4. Responsibility - I WILL
Lack or feelings of weakness in these area's will lead a person toward a codependent life-style. Recognizing that God provides the answer to these area's leads us toward a more effective, authentic life where we are experiencing progression and fulfillment.


  1. Hi Scott,

    Love your post. What we say is so important. The words "I AM" are so very powerful in creating what we experience. Our thoughts are seeds and our Words are the creative power in our lives. God spoke and through His WORD created all things. We are created in His Image and he delights in our responsible choices to create a full and "authentic life." Thank you for sharing! Sharon Foutch p.s. If there is an audio here I was not able to listen to it.

  2. Pastor Geoffrey of Nairobi, Kenya says

    Hi Scott, thank you so much for such words that are full of insight. I believe that as you continue to feed the body of Christ, she shall be nourished. Keep up with the good work. You are blessed. May I suggest that as you work on edifying the body of Christ, kindly consider doing daily or weekly quotes. Blessing to you!

  3. Geoffrey,

    Thank you for your work in getting this out to Kenya! What kind of quotes are you talking about? Audio or something that typed out here on this blog site?

    I'll do one now on the front page and in my Facebook page. It is from my book Breaking The Cycle of Defeat (

  4. Thank you for addressing this topic about self worth and co-dependency. I'd like to hear about setting healthy boundaries for people in your life who want too much from you. I've finally been able to cut the cord from someone who is terribly draining and co-dependent.

    Thank you Sharon