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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Don’t let the illusion of life’s issues stop you!

Life is sometimes tricky… It seems as though we are looking through a clouded perception of darkness that shrouds us from the truth. Much of our inability to see correctly comes from our past experiences.

God paints a different message and once we allow the brush stroke of his hand into our lives our perceptions change for the better. We discover that no matter what we may have gone through, our life does not have to be defined by our surrounding circumstances. New definitions come into our lives that supersede the old and it is these new definitions that God gives me creates a new outlook on what is possible for me.

Click To Watch My 4 min. video where I talk about the illusion of this world and how it can detour you from the truth.

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Secret To Getting What You Want In Life

If You Don't Have A Plan For Your Life, Someone Else Does!

This video outlines a story from a dear friend of mine who really helped me where it concerned taking action for my life. His name was Bern Moses and I write about him in our soon to be published book, Unlimited You - Overcoming Obstacles In Life. Bern struggled as a young man in a sales environment in which he felt completely inept. His discovery one day while driving down the road became an epiphany that literally changed the course of his life.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

3 Things That Stop You And What You Can Do About It!

I just recorded a video for you.... Called 3 Things That Stop You And What You Can Do About It!

Even though I address this toward growing a successful business many of the same keys can used for your personal life.

Let's first talk about how your business can create more profits in thirty days or less.  Let me first ask you, what stops you? What do you think are the things that stop the average business owner from being more productive? Well, there are three primary things that can stop you from having more productivity and growth in your business. These three things across the board will stop you cold if you are not careful or aware of them.

#1 Things Your Afraid of
#2 Something In Front of You Causes Pain
#3 Other People's Demands

Lets first talk about the first item on the list. 

What are the things you are most afraid of?  

To start out, things like fear of rejection! How about things you might be afraid of that you think might not work. I have found myself falling into this trap myself where I am about to start a new project. I begin to ask myself all of those what if questions. What if it doesn't work, what if I spend all these hours on this project and then it fails or I don't have enough cash flow to make this work. It might be a new venture or anything you might be doing in your personal life as well as your business and then you begin to question yourself. The list of hesitations and fears goes on and on. 

What I have discovered for my own life is that there are open doors in front of you, you just don't see them. In other words, what I discovered is the importance of taking the first step no matter what that step looks like. You may feel confined and not able to make a move in area's of your business but if you will take that simple small step no matter what it may be, you will be amazed.

 Once you take that first step, you will be surprised at what takes place, synchronicity takes place! Roads begin to appear where there were no roads. A bridge to get across the ravine suddenly appears magically out of know where. But, these things don't begin to take place until you begin to make the decision to take action no matter how small they may be where it concerns your business growth.

The next thing that stops us is, there is something in front of us that causes us pain.

This point takes us back to a basic motivation that we all experience. We are each driven by pain or pleasure. This effects every person on the planet none of us are exempt from this. Everything we do, we do either out of our need to avoid pain or a desire to gain pleasure. 

We don't make those business decisions because we think that they are going to be painful. Somehow there is an allusion... Yes, an allusion in our mind that there will be pain involved in that decision. It tells us that if we take that next step where it concerns our business growth or maybe where it concerns making more traffic, more profits to us and we fear that next step.

We need to cross that line and here is the trick on doing it. If you associate enough pain no matter what that decision or step is, we will find the motivation to accomplish the task! A great way of doing this is to take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side of the line begin to write down all the benefits of making the decision. Do not focus on the negatives or fears. 

Simply write down in as much detail as possible what get's you excited about taking the next step. On the other side of the line, you will want to write down all the negatives of what will happen "If" you choose to not make the decision you know that you should be making but are not. This list should outline all the pain that will take place if you don't move forward.

It's magic, you will discover a new motivation to move forward!

What is the third thing that stops us? It is other people demands!

Lack of clarity and focus will stop us from accomplishing our dreams and business decisions if we allow them to. In our world today it is all about distractions with email, social networking sites and demands. Busyness is all around us grabbing for our attention. The simple fact is that our busyness and activity do not equate to accomplishment and growth. 

So, what are we to focus on? We are to focus on outcomes! This means that everything we do in life should be attached to outcomes. From the time you wake up, to the time you go to bed you should be asking yourself what is the outcome of this activity?

If it is related to relationships, people around you, your family, ask yourself what is the outcome of my activity here. If your answer is to relax and have fun, fine... Have fun! If it is related to taking this next phone call, ask yourself what is the outcome? What is the outcome of me going to work or making this business decision? What do I want to walk away with afterwards.

The result is a renewed sense of accomplishment in your life where you are experiencing greater productivity. So, become outcome oriented throughout your life.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Created For Purpose

Created For Purpose

Life is not mean—it is grand. If it is mean to any, he makes it so. God made it glorious. Its channel He paved with diamonds. Its banks He fringed with flowers. He overarched it with stars. Around it He spread the glory of the physical universe— suns, moons, worlds, constellations, systems—all that is magnificent in motion, sublime in magnitude, and grand in order and obedience. God would not have attended life with this broad march of grandeur, if it did not mean something. He would not have descended to the blade of grass, the dew-drop, and the dust-atom, if every moment of life were not a letter to spell out some word that should bear the burden of a thought. How much life means, words refuse to tell, because they cannot.

The very doorway of life is hung around with flowery emblems, to indicate that it is for some purpose. The mystery of our being, the necessity of action, the relation of cause to effect, the dependence of one thing upon another, the mutual influence and affinity of all things, assure us that life is for a purpose to which every outward thing doth point.

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