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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here is the ONE KEY FACTOR to your success or failure.

Lesson 3 - Here is the ONE KEY FACTOR to your success or failure.

In this lesson, I introduce the one key factor to becoming a partaker of all that has been provided to you from God. We have been provided all things necessary in order for us to experience an incredible life.

We all desire to live this full and complete life and to experience all that is available to us. But, there is one thing that stops us in our tracks.

The answer may be closer then you think.


  1. This is a good reminder to all of us when we get into the mind set that we have to earn God's gift. I am also reminded of the scripture that says freely you have received, freely give. Jesus makes it very clear that we were given the gifts of God for free! No strings attached no unfruitful acts to be done in order to receive from God all that He us for us. Thank you to my Savior Jesus for sending your message through this ministry, that they may encourage others through the faith in Jesus Christ. Let us not forget all of the Lords benefits who has forgiven all our iniquites, and healed all our diseases. God bless you Scott Johnson!
    Dawn Wanser

  2. Thank you Dawn!

    This is the message that we have to get a hold of. The free gift that is ours now!! We spend and wast a huge amount of time trying to get what is already ours in Christ. This is the real battle,it is the one that takes place in the mind. God calls us to rest in His full and complete provision.