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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What is the main message of Joseph Prince Ministries?

Turn on any Christian television station. It doesn't take long to hear the contrast between, what I call Old Covenant based preaching and those that are preaching the Gospel which based on the finished work of Jesus. It amazes me... I just don't get it. Scripture is plan where it concerns the provision that Jesus made available to us. The problem is that we look into our own experience and the experience of others and based on that disqualify them, us and the entire world from God's grace. I guess it's easier to adapt our doctrine to our own personal experience then to simply believe what scripture teaches us.

The mistake takes place in our understanding of the difference between the "Old Covenant" and "New Covenant". The Old represents everything from Moses to when Jesus died and was resurrected. This by the way includes much of the Gospels. The New Covenant is what was provided to the world AFTER the resurrection of Jesus.

Everything changed on this side of the cross and it is what we should be embracing.  Be careful what you listen to where it concerns churches and ministries on Television. Their message is laced with Arsenic poison and will lead you to eventual spiritual burn out. (Remember the scripture that says, the letter kills but the spirit gives life) Am I saying that God doesn't work through these ministries? Not at all... God in His grace and mercy works through the frailties of man as well as through their religious idea's that don't always match up.

There are ministries on Television who has a message based on the Finished work of Jesus. People like Dr Charles Stanley, Joseph Prince Ministries and Andrew Womack Ministries are a few.

Keep what Jesus provided central. Understand that Jesus not only provided Salvation and forgiveness of sin but also made provision in every area of life. You may not be experiencing God's provision in area's of your life be careful not to disqualify yourself because you may not "Feel worthy", "Pray enough", don't feel like your "Spiritual enough". This is called works righteousness, which means that you are trying to qualify yourself to receive from God apart from what Jesus gave to you freely as a gift.

Receiving from God is as easy as simply believing what He has provided to you and for you. It is as easy as realizing that provision is yours now and in faith embracing it as already yours. Get valuable free resources about how to live and enjoy God's grace and resources every day of your life.

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What do people like
Joseph Prince Ministries
Andrew Womack have in common?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Joseph Prince Ministries

Joseph Prince Ministries is a ministry that is catching a lot of attention these days. I believe that it is because this is a ministry that is speaking to the frustrations many in the church are dealing with.

When you get down to it, people want their religious beliefs to have tangible results within their lives. People sometimes ask me if I am aware of Joseph Prince Ministries because of the many similarities in my books and message. The answer is of course, yes!

This is the message that Jesus came to give us. It is called the Gospel, which really means, "The Good News"!
The good news of the good news is that Jesus accomplished it all for us. We don't have to wait on, beg for or struggle with it.

The Bible tells us that the Gospel "Is The Power of God Unto Salvation"! I urge you today to embrace the good news that all things are yours right now. Persuade your heart to the fact that the finished work of Jesus was and is indeed, finished and complete!

Turn on any Christian television station. It doesn't take long to hear the contrast between, what I call Old Covenant based preaching and those that are preaching the Gospel which based on the finished work of Jesus.

How can we know the difference?
  1. Realize when reading the Old Testament and even the New Testament that you should always read it in the context of what was provided after the death, burial and resurrection.
  2. Realize that there are things written in the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts) that were not necessarily from a New Covenant perspective but from an Old Covenant perspective.
  3. Learn everything there is to know about what was provided by Jesus and then embrace that reality in the present.
  4. Realize that prayer is not trying to get God to do something that He has already provided. Prayer is connecting with your heavenly Father for fellowship and wisdom in living this incredible gift that is ours
    right now!
  5. Realize that declaring what is rightfully already ours through the finished work of Jesus in the present tense is the key to experiencing the miraculous in our everyday lives.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Important Questions About Joseph Prince Ministries

Important Questions About Joseph Prince Ministries Get valuable free resources about how to live and enjoy God's grace and resources every day of your life.  Instant download available now, simply visit

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Little Cow

A Master of Wisdom was walking through the countryside with his apprentice when they came to a small, untidy shack on a meager piece of farmland. “See this poor family,” said the Master. “Go see if they will share with us their food.”

“But we have plenty,” said the apprentice.
“Do as I say.”
The obedient apprentice went to the home. The good farmer and his wife, surrounded by their seven children, came to the door. Their clothes were dirty and in tatters. “Fair greetings,” said the apprentice. “My Master and I are sojourners and want for food. I’ve come to see if you have any to share.”
The farmer said, “We have little, but what we have we will share.” He walked away, then returned with a small piece of cheese and a crust of bread. “I am sorry, but we don’t have much.”

The apprentice did not want to take their food but did as he had been instructed. “Thank you. Your sacrifice is great.”
“Life is difficult,” the farmer said, “but we get by. And in spite of our poverty, we do have one great blessing.”
“What blessing is that?” asked the apprentice.
“We have a little cow. She provides us milk and cheese, which we eat or sell in the marketplace. It is not much but she provides enough for us to live on.”

The apprentice went back to his Master with meager rations and reported what he had learned about the farmer’s plight. The Master of Wisdom said, “I am pleased to hear of their generosity, but I am greatly sorrowed by their circumstance. Before we leave this place, I have one more task for you.”
“Speak, Master.”
“Return to the shack and bring back their cow.”

The apprentice did not know why, but he knew his Master to be merciful and wise, so he did as he was told. When he returned with the cow, he said to his Master, “I have done as you commanded. Now what is it that you would do with this cow?”
“See yonder cliffs? Take the cow to the highest crest and push her over.”
The apprentice was stunned. “But Master…”
“Do as I say.”
The apprentice sorrowfully obeyed. When he had completed his task, the Master and his apprentice went on their way.

Over the next years, the apprentice grew in mercy and wisdom. But every time he thought back on the visit to the poor farmer’s family, he felt a pang of guilt. One day he decided to go back to the farmer and apologize for what he had done. But when he arrived at the farm, the small shack was gone. Instead there was a large, fenced villa.

“Oh, no,” he cried. “The poor family who was here was driven out by my evil deed.” Determined to learn what had become of the family, he went to the villa and pounded on its great door. The door was answered by a servant. “I would like to speak to the master of the house,” he said. “As you wish,” said the servant. A moment later the apprentice was greeted by a smiling, well-dressed man.
“How may I serve you?” the wealthy man asked.
“Pardon me, sir, but could you tell me what has become of the family who once lived on this land but is no more?”
“I do not know what you speak of,” the man replied.
“My family has lived on this land for three generations.”

The apprentice looked at him quizzically. “Many years ago I walked through this valley, where I met a farmer and his seven children. But they were very poor and lived in a small shack.”
“Oh,” the man smiling, “that was my family. But my children have all grown now and have their own estates.”

The apprentice was astonished. “But you are no longer poor. What happened?”
“Fate works in mysterious ways,” the man said, smiling.
“We had this little cow who provided us with the slimmest of necessities, enough to survive but little more. We suffered but expected no more from life. Then, one day, our little cow wandered off and fell over a cliff. We knew that we would be ruined without her, so we did everything we could to survive. Only then did we discover that we had greater power and abilities than we possibly imagined and never would have found as long as we relied on that cow. What a great blessing that we lost our little cow”

We can be victims of circumstance or masters of our own fate, but make no mistake, we cannot be both!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lesson 5 - How to live an authentic life that produces life

Lesson 5 - How to live an authentic life that produces life

Living is sync with our purpose and passions results in a more fruitful and productive life. We enjoy a greater sense of satisfaction, pleasure and fulfillment as opposed to living a mundane unfulfilled life. The kind of life that leads to many of the social ills and difficulties that people are facing today. My hope and desire for your life is that you will move past all of the handicaps, difficulties and issues that have stopped you in the past. Instead, I want you to discover, embrace and reaffirm God's first intention for your life.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The one Thing That Stops You You From living a Fruitful and Productive life.

Lesson 4 - The one Thing That Stops You You From living a Fruitful and Productive life.!

You have been created with such incredible potential. Think of it, when God created you, he made you to be just like Himself. It is easy to forget this when you are scrambling around from day to day while living in a survival mode.

Today, I am going to talk with you about the one key factor that will assist you in recapturing your inspiration and moving forward in life. As you listen, do not under estimate its impact in your life... It really is the difference from experiencing authentic success and just getting by.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Being Stable in a Changing World

This a very old presentation that I put together many years ago...
Quality isn't that great but, thought you would get a kick out of

Being Stable in a Changing World

"No matter how elaborate the castles and fortresses men my build, all are subject to change against an unpredictable and changing world."

Quoted from Breaking The Cycle of Defeat (

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here is the ONE KEY FACTOR to your success or failure.

Lesson 3 - Here is the ONE KEY FACTOR to your success or failure.

In this lesson, I introduce the one key factor to becoming a partaker of all that has been provided to you from God. We have been provided all things necessary in order for us to experience an incredible life.

We all desire to live this full and complete life and to experience all that is available to us. But, there is one thing that stops us in our tracks.

The answer may be closer then you think.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Secrets To Having a Successful Life!

Lesson 2 - Secrets To Having a Successful Life!

Did you realize that you there is a good chance that you might be living a life of codependency? Discover the four area's you need to have a good grasp in in order to have a good foundation and side step codependency.
  1. Identity - I AM
  2. Sufficiency - I HAVE
  3. Ability - I CAN
  4. Responsibility - I WILL
Lack or feelings of weakness in these area's will lead a person toward a codependent life-style. Recognizing that God provides the answer to these area's leads us toward a more effective, authentic life where we are experiencing progression and fulfillment.

How To Experience Greater Results As a Christian

Lesson 1 - How To Experience Greater Results As a Christian

In each lesson, I will seek to lay a foundation of truth that will
assist you in some very positive rewarding ways. My desire is for
you to experience God's goodness in your life in real and tangeble
ways where you are experiencing a more fruitful and productive life.

In this first lesson, I introduce the idea about how important it is to
get a firm understanding of God's complete love for you and what
that means for your personal life.

Most people avoid painful relationships and only embrace those
relationships that are enjoyable and beneficial. If you have a wrong
or distorted understanding about God loving you unconditionally
you will not embrace His power for your life.

The good news is that God is not somehow trying to escape
connection with your life. He is continually reaching out with a
desire to increase the quality of your life.