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Monday, June 30, 2014

Christian Living - Overcoming old patterns and the issue of behavior modification

I hope you enjoy this new post. I shot this next to a lake in Littleton, CO in the heat of the day. I am challenging myself to do one of these each week if not more.  I believe this topic to be very important to many who struggle in their walk with God. All to often we come into a relationship with God with many wrong concepts that stop us from understanding his heart for us.

Law and Grace

What I learned growing up that it was all about the law! As you read through the Bible it is interesting because in the Old Testament it really was about the law. The law was very hard and harsh, no one could ever live up to it or master it. The law gave you a list of rules and regulations that you were to live up to. You were told to do this or do that in order to be blessed. The sad thing was that if you failed in any part of the law you were guilty of all! The law was so harsh that it told parents of rebellious children that they were to be stoned!  The sad thing is that that was the way they understood God at that time. It’s interesting to note that when the God delivered them from Egypt and set them free through the leadership of Moses that they were brought out of slavery into freedom, not from slavery to more slavery! As you study the story of Israel, it was they themselves that cried out to be told what to do. Freedom can be a scary thing when you have lived as a slave for 400 years. We read in Exodus that they answered Moses “whatever you say we will do” and in doing so, stepped out of a previous covenant God had with Abraham into what we now know as the Mosaic covenant.

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